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KingNote International Limited

Jute Materials Advantages


1. Jute fabric is 100% Biodegradable, it's natural environmental protection.
2. Cheap in cost.
3. Tensile strength is high.
4. Produce no irritation in skin.
5. Jute Fabric is highly breathable and comfortable to use.
6. Jute Fibre can be blended with Natural and Synthetic fibers.
7. Available easily and the overall productivity of Jute Fiber is good
8. Moisture regain of jute fabric properties is 14%,it's relatively good.
9. Jute have great antistatic properties ,tensile strength is high and it's a insulating fiber.
10. Can be widely used in Agriculture Sector, Textile Sector, Woven Sector, Nonwoven Sector.

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